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Random fun stuff:

Commentary Speculations on the Negative Side of Big Data

"If subsequent technological advancement and business processing models development make it possible for Big Data processing in becoming commonplace, it would be fair to speculate that corresponding technologies may also emerge that could have the capacity to poison big data for malicious purposes." -Loloy D

Commentary Speculations on the Negative Side of Big Data
Prepared by Loloy D, April 2013

How To Solve And Medicate Genital Pus (Or Other Urinary Tract Infections)

Solution #1: Benemid 2x at once. After 30 minutes, take Amoxicillin 500 mg 6x at once. Then dose up on Ambracin 3x a day for 7 days.

Solution #2: Take Cotrim (Co-Trimoxazole) for 5 days and Cipro for 5 days. Dosage per day is unknown. Talk to your sexy pharmacist.

Unable To Resist Flipping Up A Copy

Since I discovered the invasion of leet-speak in the internet, I grew fond of alternative ways of typing text, encrypting them using custom algorithms, using leet-like alternatives and so on. But the discovery of flipping text upside down from http://www.revfad.com/ made me laugh my ass off. I made the discovery from a post made in http://www.nxsecure.org/ (defunct, which has actually divided into that and http://www.nxportal.com/, also defunct).


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