On this site will rise... something. Words fail me. Thoughts fail me. Give me a kiss and enliven my inspiration. Hold me. Kiss my asinine comments. This is my website, and I am Loloy D.

Random fun stuff:

Best Voting and Election Systems At This Time

  • Single Transferable Vote - used for electing people at several positions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLH_w5kHJpA
  • Alternative Vote - used for electing people at a singular position https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wA3_t-08Vr0
  • I Just Voted For Director-At-Large In The Drupal Association

    A Glimpse Of My Thoughts On The Importance Of Discrete Forms Of Communication

    (Originally written down by Loloy D in April, 2015 but had germinated for a very long time in his mind. Also used as an assignment in a Written Communication class.)

    If I may, let me share with you my thoughts on how the quality of language affects the way how people think and how they become successful as a people. I agree very much with what the late George Carlin said about this subject matter. He said that language plays a key and critical role in our mental constructs and in our ways of communication. The discreteness of words and in each of their meanings make for a unique and singular understanding of any concept or science. Subsequently, this leads to advancement and development of that society who are using that common language as they would be able to fully express and describe thoughts and concepts in a more accurate manner. I personally subscribe to the belief that complete and diligently delivered expressive forms of communication helps in a more comprehensive and precise faculties of understanding among members of a society. This is key to bringing unity and developmental advancement. [Post-facto note: why did I not cite Latin here as an excellent example of a completely discrete language? All words in the Latin language are always singular in meaning; and we can only find one Latin word for anything that you might want to describe. This is as far as I know.]

    Unfortunately, the modern or late contemporary Filipino language has regressed substantially to the detriment of our people's mental quality and discipline. It has been so hard a struggle in bringing people to the minority, or "old school", whom are striving for purity in the discreteness of our language constructs in pursuit of higher quality levels in our verbal ways of communication. With today's generation of heavy usage of short-cuts, false abbreviations and apathy towards more precise expressions of communication, I fear that I will not bear witness to our advancement as a people; not in my lifetime.

    RA 4136 - An Act To Compile The Laws Relative To Land Transportation And Traffic Rules, To Create A Land Transportation Commission And For Other Purposes



    Approved: June 20, 1964

    Time.Is Implementation Widget

    The following widget implementation is an embedding from - http://time.is/widgets

    Time in Quezon City:

    We can compare the accuracy of PAGASA's Philippine Standard Time to this more internationally aware time.is version.


    <a href="http://time.is/Quezon_City" id="time_is_link" rel="nofollow" style="font-size:36px">Time in Quezon City:</a>
    <span id="Quezon_City_z42c" style="font-size:36px"></span>
    <script src="http://widget.time.is/t.js"></script>

    PhST Widget Implementation Test

    The following widget implementation is an embedding on - https://oras.pagasa.dost.gov.ph/widget.shtml

    The current script implementation has been as follows:

    <div style="width:300px">
    <script type="text/javascript">
    	function iFrameHeight()
    		var h = 0;
    		if (!document.all)
    			h = document.getElementById('blockrandom').contentDocument.height;
    			document.getElementById('blockrandom').style.height = h + 60 + 'px';
    		} else if (document.all)
    			h = document.frames('blockrandom').document.body.scrollHeight;
    			document.all.blockrandom.style.height = h + 20 + 'px';
    <iframe 	id="blockrandom"
    	name="Philippine Standard Time"
    	class="wrapper" >
    	No Iframes</iframe>

    Tawa-tawa, Possible and Highly Probable Cure for Dengue

    Favorite Drupal Modules

    Loloy D's Nice Quotable Liners List

    Loloy D's original lines:

  • "Censor the ban! Ban the censorship!"
  • "Few things are more exhaustive than catatonic excitement."
  • "I am anxiously awaiting my anxiety to begin."
  • "I am not the only sorry slob who doesn't have a life but I'm a prominent personality in the group."
  • "I believe in freedom - people should be able to freely choose how to obey my laws and commands."
  • "I can't believe I switched the left and the right of my ambidextrous socks."
  • "I graduated top of my class... of retards!"
  • "I have a pro-development stand. I believe no advancement can be made if I don't make enough advances."
  • "I have an intense, wanton and reckless desire to be placid."
  • "I have this burning desire to be cold."
  • "I'm a pathological liar. Honest!"
  • "If common sense was included in the five basic senses, I would have made more sense to you."
  • "If Einstein was a cynic, he'd say `Imagine the impossibilities!`"
  • "It is funny how the word oversight establishes the closely associated relationship between [supervision/management] and [failure to notice something/omission]."
  • "It is very easy to get into difficult situations while it is interestingly difficult to get into easy ones."
  • "It's a good thing your parents were both sterile when they tried to conceive you."
  • "It's better to be lazy than tired."
  • "It's better to be safe than padlock."
  • "It's difficult to make a mental picture of anything if you don't have a mental camera."
  • "It's really hard to love your enemies especially if they're desperately trying to kill you."
  • "Kids, I'm your dad and in our family I'm the boss. That's right, because your mom has put me in charge."
  • "Lack of preparation is the cornerstone of suprising but often interesting events."
  • "Learn to love the journey. When you finally get to your destination, another journey will soon be started."
  • "Let's get one thing crookedly straight! I don't want things to get clearly vague around here but I sure hope we can turn things squarely and flatly around!"
  • "Marriage is like your wife's triumphant loss at your own bachelorhood."
  • "My boss is fascinating. He is still able to work even if his brain doesn't."
  • "My imagination is reality impaired."
  • "My seven deadly sins have never killed anyone."
  • "Notice: If you notice this notice, you will notice that this notice is not worth noticing."
  • "Obey the law with reckless abandon!"
  • "Pain is temporary. Glory is lasting. Legacy can be forever. Shit springs eternal."
  • "Repentant sinner - one who's wildly conservative."
  • "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Then deny everything."
  • "Short skirts need to be undressed, especially when you're done with them for the day."
  • "Stop and smell the roses... laced with *ether*. And you'll really stop."
  • "Success is so overrated. Why would people dwell in failure if success was so enticing?"
  • "SYN? ACK!!!"
  • "When we're together, we look pretty weird. I'm pretty and you're weird."
  • "While maintaining a keen sense of advanced expertise, let us stick strictly to the basics."

  • Loloy D's favorite lines:

  • "The beautiful thing about holding children's parties is that it reminds you that there are children more awful than your own."
  • "The front of his face exploded out the back of his skull. He died instantly the next day." -Rod Kimble in Hot Rod
  • "The purpose of a soldier is not to die for his own country, but to make the other bastard die for his."
  • "Try and try until you try again."
  • "Trying is only one step towards failure." -Homer Simpson
  • "True friends stab you in the front."
  • "What hair color do they put on the driver's license of a bald man?
  • "Why fart and waste it when you can always burp and taste it?"
  • "Why is the man who invests all your money called a broker?"
  • WinMsg - A Quick Messaging Utility For Hopefully Any Modern Windows Version


    After getting fed up with figuring out how to make the msg app work among 64-bit Windows 7 computers in my work-area LAN, I finally decided to make my own open source "net send" or "msg" utility. I dubbed it WinMsg and I deployed it among my colleagues for testing and adoption. I developed it in VB6 so it's not really a complicated app. I can even publish the source code among these pages, eventually though. For now, making the source code available through a download would suffice. I can see it work with most modern versions of Windows, which are Windows 2000 and later. This brave declaration includes Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc., but I never made any extensive platform tests, however.


    I'll be updating this article eventually but in the meantime, here are the downloadables.

    1. WinMsg Setup.exe (1.5 MB, MD5 checksum afbfda7f7a3bf588cc5e2f513fc08183)
      pre-compiled Windows platform installer for WinMsg Version 1.0 Revision 0.

      This resource has been stricken off due to a FALSE POSITIVE reported on this file at https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/8090b18798247ac0b075424c05b8136013844....
    2. WinMsg Source.rar (4.66 KB, MD5 checksum c99cf8c5a00e293080d1d766bb78a7d0)
      WinMsg source code.
    3. WinMsg_Installer.zip (1,466,463 bytes, MD5 checksum fc2192e4fd8fd05c91c296b766bf95db)
      Alternative WinMsg zipped installation package.

    Software License

    I am hereby releasing it with a GPL license, and the specifications of which can be found at http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html. In the interest of non-committal "absolvency", I reserve the right to modify the license of my future revisions of this project. I'll still stick with community-based open source distribution initiatives though.

    Quick Usage Instructions

    Usage: wm [switches] <remote host> <message>
    Use "wm" or "wm /silent" at initial run to bypass this help screen.
    Switches available:
                   add app directory to system PATH variable
                   install at startup
                   bypass this help screen
                   remove from startup
    Note: Some switches require administrator privileges and may not work with some Windows versions.

    Example Usage

    "wm hi, are you there?"

    "wm kitchenpc mom, please make me a quick sandwich. thanks!"


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