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A Glimpse Of My Thoughts On The Importance Of Discrete Forms Of Communication

(Originally written down by Loloy D in April, 2015 but had germinated for a very long time in his mind. Also used as an assignment in a Written Communication class.)

If I may, let me share with you my thoughts on how the quality of language affects the way how people think and how they become successful as a people. I agree very much with what the late George Carlin said about this subject matter. He said that language plays a key and critical role in our mental constructs and in our ways of communication. The discreteness of words and in each of their meanings make for a unique and singular understanding of any concept or science. Subsequently, this leads to advancement and development of that society who are using that common language as they would be able to fully express and describe thoughts and concepts in a more accurate manner. I personally subscribe to the belief that complete and diligently delivered expressive forms of communication helps in a more comprehensive and precise faculties of understanding among members of a society. This is key to bringing unity and developmental advancement. [Post-facto note: why did I not cite Latin here as an excellent example of a completely discrete language? All words in the Latin language are always singular in meaning; and we can only find one Latin word for anything that you might want to describe. This is as far as I know.]

Unfortunately, the modern or late contemporary Filipino language has regressed substantially to the detriment of our people's mental quality and discipline. It has been so hard a struggle in bringing people to the minority, or "old school", whom are striving for purity in the discreteness of our language constructs in pursuit of higher quality levels in our verbal ways of communication. With today's generation of heavy usage of short-cuts, false abbreviations and apathy towards more precise expressions of communication, I fear that I will not bear witness to our advancement as a people; not in my lifetime.