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Random fun stuff:

Migrating To A Homegrown and Personal Platform

Due to the tediousness of maintaining a Drupal website, I have decided to migrate the platform of this website, which in itself has undergone so many iterations in Drupal alone, from Drupal to a homegrown and personal one. I will get to it eventually. This is probably going to involve a 10-year transition plan hahaha.

Here is what's on the agenda regarding this matter:

1. Maintain a blog-like atmosphere.
2. Facilitate comments and moderation/maintenance on articles - possibly via Disqus.
3. Maintain a convenient but secure log-on platform for adding and modifying content. I am looking at a git way of publishing things. Write anywhere, sync anywhere. I am not sure yet if I am going to make a bare repo out of loloyd.com's web-root.
4. Remove 3rd-party dependencies except probably to Disqus and Google Photos. Picasa has been shot to oblivion so, I don't know why I have mentioned that, but maybe I'm just frustrated still. Going back to topic, maybe I would just like to more appropriately say "minimize" 3rd-party dependencies that are all prone to going south or wherever less than ideal.
5. Other collaborative publishing agenda that I may have yet to consider at this time.

Good luck to me.