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Random fun stuff:

Why I Am Migrating From The Windows Ecosystem To The Linux Mint/Ubuntu Ecosystem

I am already in the process of migrating much of my computing life - at work and at home - from Windows, mostly Windows 10, to Linux Mint. And here are my observed reasons why:

  • It's already 2017 and Windows has yet to allow sequential copy/move of files and folders
  • In Linux Mint, this is already a given and users are optionally given the option to enable simultaneously do copy/move operations over files and folders, albeit without a pause button. This functionality, or feature if you will, is too essential, too basic and too fundamental to simply be ignored. Even though Windows allows me to pause multiple copy/move processes, I am still unable to do unattended file-transfer services over long operations. I understand that there are third party tools out there that excel in this kind of activity, but file transfer over local storage drives is innately an operating system function.
  • Obscurity of Control Panel items that need quick configuration
  • Amazingly slow speed 64-bit performance to its Linux counterparts
  • Is the unnecessary bloat wreaking havoc on Windows 10's supposedly blazing 64-bit performance?

    I'll be updating this rant from time to time, as I encounter and get reminded of more and more headaches and frustrations out of simple and basic OS use. As a backgrounder, I've been using computers since 1984 starting with an Apple II/c, getting x86 on XT architecture exposure in 1986. I also began my programming exploits during that time ('84).